Power analytics

ASCO power-quality analytics for critical-power management systems is said to be similar to EKG monitoring equipment for the heart. The system allows a facility to compare current operating parameters against a manufacturer’s baseline to identify anomalies or degradations that cause inefficient operation or failure. The system diagnoses problems by reviewing stored, continuously recorded waveforms, without waiting for the event to recur.
Emerson Network Power, Florham Park, NJ
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Low-profile cover

STI-14500NW Stopper low-profile cover has a flat profile, enclosed back box, and open mounting plate to provide protection against physical damage, dust, and grime. The indoor/outdoor cover protects devices such as dual-action pull stations, keypads, intercom stations, emergency buttons, electrical light switches, and duplex plugs. Mounting options include a flush-mount cover or waterproof Type 4X enclosed back box. The device complies with ADA and is less than 4 in. deep.
Safety Technology International, Waterford, MI
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