Healthy buildings

The company’s product and systems solutions are said to enhance the comfort of working and living spaces, while also fostering energy savings and, as integrated systems, result in healthy buildings. Thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, and a supply of fresh air are the basic elements for a comfortable indoor environment. The approach to healthy buildings integrates the company’s sun-shade and ventilation products, which work in tandem to temper the challenges associated with daylighting and a tighter building envelope.
Renson, El Segundo, CA
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Monitoring and control

Ascent building-management system combines BACnet protocol and Tridium’s Niagara Framework in a single controller for integration of multiple building systems. The system uses Microset 4 wall sensor, control module global controller, and Compass software. Along with monitoring and control of HVAC systems, the system offers an open protocol for integration with other building systems including lighting, security/access control, and fire and life safety.
Alerton, Redmond, WA
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