High-efficiency chiller

AquaSnap 30RB chiller has Greenspeed intelligence, reported to enable high efficiency and optimum performance. The unit has enhanced scroll compressors and variable-speed condenser fans to provide an operating sequence for optimal airflow across the condenser. The condenser supports higher efficiency when running at part-load conditions. Software optimizes use of compressors, fans, and circuits. The software constantly calculates the most efficient head pressure from the load and ambient conditions.
Carrier, Syracuse, NY
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Lavatory package

An ADA-compliant, hands-free lavatory package offers single-source reliability. Each unit includes a stainless-steel lavatory; an adjustable, sensor-activated faucet; an automatic hand-dryer system; sensor-activated soap dispenser; lavatory drain with overflow; thermostatic mixing valve; P-trap with cleanout; and vandal-resistant enclosure. The package uses the Integra-Flow system said to prevent overflow.
Just Manufacturing, Franklin Park, IL
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