Energy-saving faucet

KWC AVA single-lever basin faucet uses Coolfix technology to aid in saving energy. The standard setting of an operating lever is usually straight ahead in the “six o’clock” position. Coolfix designates that position as “full cold” so no hot water is delivered in that setting. To draw warm water, a user rotates the lever clockwise and away from the middle position. The unit uses a Neoperi Cache aerator that reduces water flow to 1 1/2-gal./min.
KWC America, Norcross, GA
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No-heat hand dryer

XLERATOReco hand dryer uses no-heat technology to dry hands in a reported 15 sec. using only 500 W. Units draw 4 1/2 amps or less, so multiple units can be installed on one circuit. A noise-reduction nozzle and a HEPA filtration system are options.
Excel Dryer Inc., East Longmeadow, MA
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