Multi-zone comfort

Add highly responsive multi-zone comfort to any building project, in any climate. Our CITY MULTI H2i R2- and Y-Series VRF systems give you flexibility to fit the needs of any building. Enjoy 100% heating capacity at 0°F outdoor ambient, and 85% heating capacity at -13°F outdoor ambient. For more information, log on to
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, Suwanee, GA
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Dehumidification system

DryCool dehumidification system uses the company’s desiccant dehumidification module consisting of the active desiccant wheel, a reactivation heat source, and supply and reactivation fans. Features include double-wall construction, enclosed insulation, removable panels, and an FRP pultrusion frame that is said to ensure no thermal bridging.
Munters, Amesbury, MA
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