White papers allow companies use to tell potential customers about technology and/or issues in their product field. These informative documents can prove valuable as you make decisions about commercial building design and construction. On this page we will regularly post white papers for you to download, eventually making this page a valuable decision-making resource.

One flooring solution for a complex set of demands. The variety of services available in a healthcare facility today creates a complex set of demands on the furnishings and finishes used by patients, staff and visitors. As administrators at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA, discovered, rubber flooring from nora systems, Inc. meets all of these demands, so important to patient comfort and recovery.

New 30-Cycle Transfer Switches Simplify Selective Coordination. Recent changes to the National Electrical Code® (NEC) require the selective coordination of overcurrent protective devices at hospitals and other mission-critical facilities. Transfer switches with 30-cycle closing and withstand ratings dramatically simplify designing to that requirement.

MaxLite Helps Hoteliers and Casino Owners Save up to 80% in Electricity Costs by Switching to Energy-Efficient LED Light Bulbs. The hospitality industry spends more than $7.5 billion on energy each year. Reducing energy consumption by 10 percent in this sector can save more than $750 million and reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by six million tons.

Georgia Pacific Gypsum
Marriott Uses Fiberglass Mat Dens Brand Gypsum Panels for Construction and Renovation. Marriott International, Inc. managed moisture issues by using fiberglass mat Dens gypsum panels in its Orlando, FL-area hotel projects. Learn how DensGlass exterior sheathing, DensGlass Ultra Shaftliner, and DensShield tile backer played a major role in these construction projects.

Anne Thull Fine Art Designs
Art is Key to Your Company Image. Many view art and business “decorations” as an extravagance. In fact, the way you decorate your business, particularly the part that interacts with customers, plays a major, but not always conscious, role in your overall success.

Pella Commercial
Windows and Sustainability: An Environmental Perspective. Windows and doors can contribute to green design and LEED credits.

Mitsubishi Electric
How to Achieve LEED Points by Installing VRF HVAC Systems. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems provide precise zoned control that can contribute points toward LEED® certifications.

Excel Dryer
Volpe Center’s Fast Lane Approach to Going Green. Excel hand dryers play role in compliance with Presidential Executive Order that calls on all federal agencies to improve their environmental performance by eliminating several tons of paper towels at Boston’s Volpe Center.