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Commercial Building Products grounds its editorial content in new-product information that is delivered to decision makers who are involved in the brand selection and purchase of your products. This horizontal approach to the market virtually guarantees that your products will receive multiple exposures across all construction markets and all construction-team members.

Commercial Building Products reaches more than 41,000 specifiers, contractors, and building owners in the low- and mid-rise construction market. Building types include education, healthcare, retail, office, hospitality, government and other commercial/institutional buildings. The magazine’s audience includes the leading regional, national, and international U.S.-based construction firms, as well as the country’s most prominent developers, commercial and retail building owners, institutions, architectural, and engineering firms.


Here is how your advertising builds equity in Commercial Building Products:


Product Releases
Commercial Building Products’ primary editorial purpose is to keep its readers informed about the latest products available to specifiers, contractors, and owners of low- and mid-rise commercial buildings. As such, the editors welcome product releases from manufacturers of commercial building products. E-mail product releases and photos to Marga Parr, assistant editor, at [email protected]


Case Studies
If you have a story that demonstrates how your products have saved time, cut costs, or solved a problem, send it to us so we can consider it for an upcoming issue. The story should be written in the Problem-Solution-Result format and sent to the editor, Gary L. Parr at [email protected]


Sales Inquiries and Leads
With direct links to advertiser websites and postage-paid reader service cards, Commercial Building Products makes it easy for buyers to find information. At regular intervals, sales leads are e-mailed, in Excel spreadsheet and label formats, to editorial and advertising contributors. Contact us at [email protected] to expedite this process. If you don’t have an e-mail address, we’ll be happy to mail your sales leads directly to you.


List Rental
You can build your company’s database of potential buyers by renting some or all of our BPA-audited subscriber list. If you are running a special company-led conference or installers group meeting, you can use our list to support your efforts. Significant savings are available to regular advertisers. Contact Ellen Sandkam, ATP List Services, [email protected] or 847-382-8100 ext. 110.


Specified Lighting Design
If you manufacture lighting products, also consider a joint advertising package with our sister publication, Specified Lighting Design. This publication reaches 26,500 lighting designers and architects with specification and buying power.


FTP Site Instructions
We have an ftp site at ftp://cbpmagazine.com, to which you can post advertising material. The easiest way to post material is to open Internet Explorer, enter ftp://cbpmagazine.com in the address window and push the Enter key. You’ll see a window open in your browser with a folder called Uploads. Click on that folder and then click on the cbpmagazine folder. Simply drag and drop your ad file into the browser. Note that you cannot transfer folders that contain files. You can only transfer the individual files or a zip file that contains the folder. Once the file finishes transferring, close the browser window. You can also transfer files by using ftp software such as wsftp for PCs and Fetch for Macintosh computers. The host is cbpmagazine.com, user name is anonymous, and the password is your e-mail address. Macintosh users are advised to use ftp software as it is rare that browser transfer of files will work with Macintosh computers.