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Glass Hardware Keeps Luxury Cars in View

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The goal was to ensure that luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz and Jaguar, could be seen from every possible angle and to the best advantage. The answer was to install the Manet Compact system that includes glass hardware designed to maximize glass surf


Filled with high-end Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Lexus automobiles, the showroom at Manhattan Auto Group, New York, required a sleek interior design to display the luxury merchandise. One goal was to eliminate unwanted bulky hardware elements that would detract from the cars.

Privacy and an unobstructed view of the dealership’s high-end cars was accomplished with Dorma’s compact Manet system at the Manhattan Auto Group.

The Manet Compact system, a glass hardware product family that maximizes glass surfaces and transparency, was an ideal answer. The unobtrusive system, from Dorma Glass, Millersville, MD, is used throughout the showroom to provide a crystal-clear view of the exquisite cars on display, while Manet Compact pivot doors bring style to individual sales office and entrance doors.

The system was a perfect fit for the specialty automotive dealer, which bases its success partly on a superior car-shopping experience, including the elegant look and feel of the dealership. Upon entering the modern showroom, customers are greeted and brought into a specialty glass-encased office for privacy, but the merchandise remains in full view at all times. After meeting with a sales associate, the customer is either brought a car directly or may be taken to view the car in the multi-story showroom building.

The Manet Compact system can be used on 3/8- and 1/2-in. sliding and pivoting tempered-glass doors. It features stainless-steel fixtures and components to render a clean, modern, aesthetic look for corporate offices, meeting facilities, and other applications such as the Manhattan Auto Group.

Components that attach directly to the glass surface feature strong, flush-fitting, single-point fixings that deliver a tasteful, uncluttered appearance. Without squeezing the glass itself, the single-point fixings safely transfer all forces acting on the glass to the load-bearing structure. Their three-dimensional adjustment capabilities allow problem-free adjustments to uneven walls. Countersunk holes ensure flush fitting with the wall system, while plastic gaskets protect the glass from direct contact with the stainless-steel fitting.

The Manet pivoting-door system features an unconventionally designed visible center pivot that extends the entire length of the door. The system includes pivot bearings, pivot poles, overpanel/sidelight connectors, stops for overpanel and ceiling mounting, door handles and locks. The door system usually attaches with a floor pivot to a Dorma BTS floor closer, as it does in the Manhattan Auto Group facility interior floor plan.

For sliding glass doors, the system offers sliding door rollers that hang from sliding track tubes, guide rails, clamp fixings for the track tube, door handles, and locks. The rollers and track of the Manet sliding-door system enable the doors to glide back and forth almost inaudibly. Sliding doors fitted with the Manet system can be fixed in glass partition -wall assemblies and wall openings. Accurate positioning of the endstops on the track safely restricts the sliding movement of the door. To reduce noise transfer and to prevent drafts, the sliding doors can be fitted with perimeter brush profiles. Center locks or corner locks are optional.