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Laundry Facility Goes HighTech, Inside and Out

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To meet current and future laundry demands, SOMC consolidated its laundry services and highlighted the building’s exterior with metal composite wall panels.


SOMC’s new laundry facility features a FormaBond exterior with a deep-blue coating.

To consolidate laundry services into one building, house new equipment, and make ergonomic and efficiency improvements, Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) built a new facility and highlighted the structure’s administrative area. The new facility allows the department, which handles more than 7,000 lb. of laundry each day, to meet current and future needs and creates the capacity needed to begin marketing linen services to other healthcare providers.

SOMC is an acute-, health-care system in Portsmouth, OH, comprised of a primary-care hospital, five satellite centers, an urgent-care center, a long-term care facility, and a retirement center. Departments and facilities located at the East Campus include Hospice of Southern Ohio, Staff Development, Community Relations, and the laundry facility.
To put the spotlight on the administrative area, SOMC used approximately 1,360 sq. ft. of FormaBond from Centria, Moon Township, PA, with a deep-blue coating called night horizon blue. The SOMC project marked the product’s debut. The project also specified three Centria exposed-fastener panel profiles and the Formavue 200 window system.

“We were very pleased with this project and hope to specify FormaBond again,” said Bob McGregor, project architect, Tanner Stone & Co. architectural firm in Portsmouth, OH.

FormaBond metal composite wall panels are formed, complete with rain screen, pressure-equalized joinery, and delivered from the factory to the job site, ready to install. This minimizes shipping and fabrication costs and time delays associated with traditional aluminum composite materials, where fabrication represents an additional step. FormaBond offers a dry seal, complete design flexibility, and customization with crisp folds, smooth curves, and sharp corners. The smooth aluminum face and liner is 60% thicker than conventional aluminum-composite materials and features a standard highly cross-linked polymeric core that meets fire-code requirements for both low- and high-rise buildings.

Exposed-fastener-profile wall panels are highly versatile and can be installed horizontally or vertically. These field-assembled panels feature all-weather installation capability that minimizes delays and allows fast-track scheduling. The panels are available insulated in combination with a metal liner panel or as the exterior single skin element in a multi-component wall design and can be used as walls, roofs, liners, and soffits.

Formavue window systems are designed to integrate with the company’s panel joinery, resulting in a high performance window/panel interface, and eliminating the problem of coordinating window and metal panel intersections. The advanced, thermally improved design features a thermal barrier that minimizes through-metal conductivity, while maintaining structural integrity.